Watercolor Wednesday ♡ Channeled my inner Georgia O’Keefe while listening to some smooth jazz 🌸 #iloveWednesdays (at UC Irvine School of Education)

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My new sounds:

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"For happiness one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair." 🌻 Pursuing Christ, doing life, and finding JOY with these ladies. #thanksgivings (at The CAMP)

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Happy National Sibling Day! I praise God for our growing relationship and for how you are maturing each day! Maybe one day you’ll turn out great like me…HAHAHAHA JK YOU’RE DOING GREAT BEING YOU SO KEEP IT UP MY LITTLE SIMBA!👊☺️ #lamsiblings5ever

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Afters. FINALLY. Still choose Scoops over this but it was worth the try! Milky bun + Viet coffee ice cream✌️ #latergram #moaricecreampls (at Afters Ice Cream)

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hi friends!

starting a new project. a real blogging project.


hoping to write about life, faith, being a foodie, and fun in the kitchen (aka cooking + baking!)

it’s my personal goal to take this project seriously! and i think it’ll be fun.

read if you’d like. or not :) hehe k, have a great day friends! 

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Extremely thankful for such loving friends! Thank you all for your kindness and for this wonderful new North Face backpack…but most of all, thank you for your friendship and for running this race with me! It was definitely a blessed 20th ☺️💕 #20 #Godisgood

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Tea time! #week1shenanigans #tby (at 7 Leaves Cafe)

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thanks to the parentals for coming to Irvine and taking me out to celebrate another year of age☺️thank you for delicious goodness, boiling point🍲 p.s. we missed you @simsanity_13 (at Boiling Point)

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Are we cute or are we cute?! Happy days with my roomie and glorious Korean food. I’m still dreaming about that galbi tang 😍 #oursecret #roomies #week1shenanigans

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The best Korean food I’ve ever had!! Askfkakhfkkshd I am crying tears of joy because it was so delicious! 😭😍#thefoodofmypeople #jknotkorean #tentententen #muchlaughter (at My Secret Place)

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i’m so excited and thankful and glad right now because for the first time in my college career (thus far), I earned the best grades I’ve ever gotten in my entire time at UCI, and it feels so good to know that hard work has paid off!

Alas, hard work and discipline in studying reaps rewards! God, thank you for how you provide during the toughest seasons in school, and how you teach me to persevere and be disciplined in school, the same way you want us to be persevere and be disciplined in following you. 

spring break is coming to an end, but I wouldn’t end it any other way :) 

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Spring break day seven: the first day I’ve actually cooked this entire week…and yes, it had to be dukbukki 😋 My first attempt at one of my favorite Korean dishes! #springbreak2014 #DIYdukbukki #comfortfood

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spring break day six: MORE HIKING!! Such a beautiful and clear day to hike Mount Hollywood with these crazies! 👣#springbreak2014 #ilovehiking #fcbc2016 (at Mt. Hollywood)

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Note to self: NO MORE SWEETS AFTER SPRING BREAK. On another note, cute little dessert spot! Thanks for another great hangout, @thepriscilla ♡ #springbreak2014 #makemestopeating #likerightnow (at Night Owl Cafe)

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